More Ways to Generate Passive Income and Accumulate Crypto

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With zero gas fees and no unbinding period, innovative flexible staking products aims to enhance wider accessibility to yield opportunities.

Matrixport, Asia’s fastest growing digital assets financial services platform, has announced the introduction of flexible crypto staking products, which provides users seamless access to a very safe source of passive income.

Staking is a process that involves committing crypto assets to support a blockchain network and confirm transactions and is available with cryptos that use the proof-of-stake (POS) model to process transactions on the blockchain. However, there are several barriers to wider participation, including the thresholds needed to start staking, high gas fees, as well as periods of illiquidity during unbinding wait times.

Matrixport’s Flexible Staking product enables users to continually accumulate crypto assets, deposit or withdraw their assets easily any time with no minimum threshold, zero gas fee and zero waiting time for unbinding. Staking yields are dynamically adjusted proportionally and optimised by an algorithm based on utilisation.

John Ge, CEO, Matrixport said, “POS has proven to be an efficient consensus mechanism and also a safe, community-friendly way to generate passive income. We are excited about offering a user-friendly POS product designed with insights from our customers that removes some of the barriers to wider participation.”

ETH and FIL tokens are available for Flexible Staking now, with more altcoins to be added soon, such as SOL, LUNA and DOT. Matrixport will continually identify high liquidity quality projects with an established track record that offer attractive staking yield opportunities.