Matrixport Launches Hourly Compounded Yield Bearing Wallet

Matrixport launches hourly compounded yield bearing wallet banner

Matrixport, Asia’s fastest growing digital assets financial services platform, has announced an enhanced wallet feature that will automatically provide yield on all in-wallet crypto assets with no limits to investment amounts.

The yield bearing wallet seamlessly integrates with Matrixport’s ‘Flexi Saving’ product, allowing users to earn interest by depositing their cryptocurrencies, and withdrawing any time without fees. The upgraded yield generating wallet currently supports 19 popular coins and utility tokens, including SOL, DOT, LINK and DOGE, with more token listings planned.

Interest rates are compounded hourly, so users are rewarded with a higher Annual Percentage Yield (“APY”). The APY is dynamically adjusted proportionally by an algorithm based on utilization rates.

Cynthia Wu, Head of Sales and Business Development, Matrixport said: “We recognise that every satoshi matters. The ‘Yield Bearing Wallet’ enables greater capital efficiency with crypto that would otherwise lay dormant in wallets, and earning yield is also made easy via a simple hassle-free, one-click feature. Now our users can start earning with their balance in the wallet.”

Key features of Matrixport’s ‘Yield Bearing Wallet’ include:

  • One click feature: Auto-save all balances to Flexi Saving with just one click
  • Flexible deposit and easy withdrawal: Deposit and withdraw at any time
  • No fees: Enjoy zero fees when transferring in and out of Flexi Saving
  • Interest compounded hourly: Interest is calculated after a successful purchase and will be accrued hourly
  • ​​Open and transparent: Data such as the total supply, utilization, APY, and current flow-balance is published in real-time so users can make appropriate investment decisions based on their investment needs
  • APY proportional to utilization rate: The higher the utilization rate, the higher the APY
  • Auto top-up: Once enabled, transfers are automatically triggered when the wallet balance exceeds the minimum deposit amount, improving financial efficiency and allowing idle funds to generate interest