A Decade in Crypto: An Entrepreneur’s Journey

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In 2011, a university finance student fascinated by monetary history and its future, became mesmerised by the concept of cryptocurrencies. He gave up preparing for his CPA exams and became a pioneering force in a nascent blockchain industry. Jihan Wu’s passion to contribute to the crypto community’s development led him to co-found Bitmain Technologies and in 2019, Matrixport – Asia’s fastest growing digital asset management platform with USD10 billion in AUM and custody.

In a recent Pomp Podcast, Matrixport’s Chairman, Jihan Wu, shares his takeaways after a decade in crypto — from the early days of experimentation to an industry on cusp of a “super-cycle” of mass adoption. Key topics include:

  • Jihan Meets Crypto: Jihan’s shares about the early days of crypto, his aspirations as an entrepreneur and reflections around key developments;
  • Building a Unicorn within 2 years – Matrixport: Find out what’s driving Asia’s fastest growing crypto digital asset management platform with USD5 billion in monthly trading volumes;
  • Regulation – Carrots and Sticks?: Views on crypto regulation and its impact on the direction of the industry
  • Outlook: Perspectives on the future of blockchain
  • Food for Thought: Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors in crypto

Watch the Pomp Podcast interview: