Matrixport Hosts Top Official in Landmark Visit

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Hong Kong’s Embrace of Blockchain Marks a New Era: Matrixport Hosts Top Official in Landmark Visit

August 2, 2023 – Today, Matrixport had the honour of inviting Hon Mrs. Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee (葉劉淑儀), Convener of the Hong Kong Executive Council and Chairwoman of the New People’s Party, to its Hong Office. She received a warm welcome from Matrixport’s Chairman Jihan Wu, CEO John Ge, COO Cynthia Wu, alongside our Hong Kong based colleagues. Mrs. Ip joined the office-wide reception and engaged in thoughtful conversations with the team. 

Reflecting on Hong Kong’s recent introduction of a licensing system for virtual asset service providers (VASP system), Mrs. Ip shared, “This signifies a decisive stride by Hong Kong, cementing our commitment to both blockchain technology and virtual assets. The landscape is brimming with potential and it is uplifting to see young entrepreneurs, like Jihan Wu, spearheading this change and harnessing a vibrant pool of talent. I envision a promising future where Hong Kong serves as a nurturing ground for successful entrepreneurs, who drive forth the city’s influence on a global stage.”

In appreciation, Chairman Wu presented Mrs. Ip with “Crypto Titans,” a book penned by Matrixport’s Head of Research. Matrixport’s leadership also shared the company’s journey, current focus and ambitions for the future; highlighting its commitment towards the development of Web3 in Hong Kong.

“Blockchain technologies stand at the precipice of redefining financial systems. Notably, asset tokenization is showing great potential to disrupt and reshape both primary and secondary financial markets at an unprecedented scale within the next decade. We are navigating uncharted areas of innovation and the opportunities for change are excitingly vast,” said Chairman Wu.

Matrixport’s leadership extended its appreciation to Mrs. Ip and her team for their generous guidance and support towards growing the Web3 ecosystem, expressing optimism for Hong Kong’s recently enacted VASP regulations. It was further emphasized that a high-standard, innovative regulatory environment will further strengthen Hong Kong’s stature as a global financial hub in the web3 era and foster the development of local professional talents.