RockX and Matrixport’s Cactus Custody Partner to Strengthen Institutional Crypto Staking

The partnership aims to make crypto staking more secure and accessible for traditional financial institutions

RockX, a trailblazer in institutional-grade staking solutions throughout Asia, has entered into a strategic partnership with Cactus Custody, the qualified institutional custodian brand of Matrixport. This partnership aims to streamline and secure the staking process for mainstream financial players, prioritising both regulatory compliance and enhanced security.

As staking becomes increasingly recognised by institutions as a viable mechanism to achieve stable yields, several hurdles such as cybersecurity threats, regulatory barriers, and token slashing risks persist. The entry of institutional custodians like Cactus Custody helps assuage these fears by providing robust security solutions.

This partnership follows a surge in Ethereum’s staking volume, catalysed by the successful implementation of the Shapella Upgrade in April — a development that has piqued institutional interest in digital assets and underscored their potential in yield generation.

Cactus Custody, holding SOC-2 certification and licences from Hong Kong’s Trust and Company Service Providers Unit and Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority, currently safeguards billions in digital assets, across more than 30 blockchains for over 300 institutional clients. RockX, meanwhile, extends staking services for more than 20 key tokens and has recently surpassed the USD 1 billion milestone in cumulative staked assets.

The partnership between RockX and Matrixport’s Cactus Custody signifies a major milestone for institutional staking, offering a simplified, yet secure, avenue for depositing, tracking, and managing digital assets. The partnership demystifies the complicated non-custodial staking process, enabling a seamless one-click operation that further enhances ecosystem trust.

Wendy Jiang, Head of Cactus Custody, said: “RockX’s industry-leading blockchain staking solutions effectively complement our institutional grade secure asset management services, providing our institutional clientele with unparalleled yield opportunities.”

Chen Zhuling, CEO of RockX, said, “This partnership with Cactus Custody offers a secure gateway for institutions to delve into the lucrative intersection of traditional and decentralised finance. With our shared commitment to cutting-edge asset management infrastructure and robust security, we aim to facilitate a seamless transition for traditional finance players into the digital asset staking space.”

About RockX

RockX is a global blockchain node network and gateway for users to seamlessly access Web3, offering institutional-grade solutions and a full suite of developer tools for users to stake and build on all major Proof-of-Stake blockchains.

With its foundations rooted in staking, protocol research and infrastructure design, RockX has built countless access nodes for users to interact with over 20 layer 1 and 2 protocols — driving greater accessibility and furthering adoption of blockchain technologies.

With over 20 major tokens available and over USD 1 billion staked in cumulative token value since 2018, RockX is one of Asia’s leading staking platforms, offering institutional clients new ways to do more with their crypto.

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About Cactus Custody

Established in 2019, Cactus Custody is the qualified institutional custodian brand of Matrixport, one of the world’s leading digital asset financial services ecosystem.

The mission of Cactus Custody is to provide the digital era with secure, transparent, and efficient institutional custodial services. Built with enterprise-grade crypto management features and value-added financial services backed by cutting-edge system security design and infrastructure that cater for a wide range of business scenarios, Cactus Custody is safeguarding billions of dollars of digital assets for 300 institutional clients.

We provide services to the world’s largest and most renowned mining companies, mining pools, cloud mining platforms, exchanges, funds and OTC dealers, supporting our clients to grow and scale in a secure way.

Besides the technology, Cactus Custody is a qualified custodian and a Hong Kong Trust Company that meets the capital reserve requirement and acts within regulatory and AML guidelines.

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