A Message from Matrixport CEO

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Dear Valued Customers,

Fear, uncertainty and doubt about the state of the global economy plagues the news cycles. With further interest rate hikes anticipated amidst quantitative tightening, unfavorable macroeconomic indicators have impacted all asset classes, including digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.

Recent market turmoil, exacerbated by the capitulation of algorithmic stable coin UST/LUNA and business continuity issues of Celsius and 3 Arrows, has left many unsettled and on edge. They say it’s about finding the calm in the chaos. In each cycle, the crypto industry has emerged more resilient and sophisticated. 

Over the last decade, our founding team has gleaned insights and hard earned wisdom across several market cycles. As one of the world’s largest and trusted digital assets financial services ecosystem, we continue to operate normally. Market volatility over the past days has seen liquidation of some of our customer positions. While the rapid pace of the sell down had resulted in outstanding debt from defaulted loans, the amount even if written off, does not impact the solvency of Matrixport.

With strong operational risk management embedded across our teams, best-in-class security, stringent compliance measures and robust corporate financial governance, we are here for you whatever the season.

We remain in a strong position to build and prepare for the next wave of digital assets adoption. Through our ventures arm, we continue to evaluate promising innovations and projects to strategically invest across the ecosystem.

We recognise that the digital assets entrusted with us may represent your savings and aspirations. It is our unwavering commitment that our full range of services remain uninterrupted and available to serve your needs. Our team of experts are contactable 24/7 and happy to share advice, guidance and connect you to the tools you need.

Thank you for your support and walking this journey with us.

John Ge
CEO and Co-founder of Matrixport