Matrixport Launches Low Risk Stable Yields Products

Matrixport launches low risk stable yields products banner

Expanded product offerings offer baseline yields that tap market volatility for enhanced returns.

The difficult economic outlook has impacted all asset classes – traditional finance markets and digital assets have experienced contractions, with many investors now seeking out low-risk, stable sources of yield. Matrixport continues to innovate based on client needs, introducing leading solutions suitable for all market conditions.

Matrixport, one of the world’s largest digital assets financial services ecosystem, has recently expanded its suite of products tailored for its private wealth clientele to include yield enhancement strategies, using tried and tested options strategies to generate positive returns from market volatility, while protecting investors’ principal.

Eugene Lim, Head of Private Wealth, Matrixport said: “Many high net worth investors are already familiar with derivatives strategies used in structured products offered by private banks, with equities, currencies, commodities, and bonds as underlying assets. Experienced investors understand that the same strategies can be overlaid on digital assets, to control volatility, and provide a range of returns over expected outcomes. Some of our new structured products come with principal-protection features like downside floors and minimum returns in the base currency selected, and we are confident that these will resonate well with our clients.”

Our product suite has now been expanded to include a range of defensive strategies suitable for a downward trending or range-bound markets. To protect investors’ capital, our most defensive strategies ensure investors receive their initial invested principal and returns in the base currency of their choice – be it stablecoins or BTC, i.e. no conversion risk. Effectively, conservative investors can use these as principal-protected, yield enhancement strategies for their stablecoin holdings, regardless of market direction.

Matrixport’s latest range of Non-Conversion Structured Products:

  • Range Accrual: Outcomes with positive yields only — investors earn cumulatively higher yields every day the price trades within a preset range (yield from up to 11%).
  • No Touch: Investors earn the higher yield if the underlying stays above a preset price barrier, or a base yield if it trades below the barrier (yield from ~1% to 9%).
  • SharkFin: Structured product with knock-out options — earn enhanced yields if price trades within a preset range, or receive base minimum yield if range is exceeded in either direction (yield from ~3.75% to 29.5%).
  • Smart Trend: Call-spread strategy delivering a range of positive returns regardless of volatility. By capping upside in exchange for downside protection, investors participate in price appreciation without risking any principal. (yield from ~0.3 to 58.53%)

More aggressive investors seeking high yields may also explore Matrixport’s more dynamic structured products – Dual Currency and Range Sniper.